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Sussex Chiropractor - Sam Pargeter

Award winning Chiropractor Sam Pargeter, is dedicated to getting you out of pain as quickly and as safely as possible, allowing you to get back to enjoying life. Sam understands that when you are in pain, the last thing you want to do is wait to get it addressed. For this reason he works flexible hours so that your treatment can be worked around your schedule. People often contact us unsure if Sam can help, if you are one of those people, please email Sam offers this FREE advice service as it is something Sam is very passionate about as it means that you can be safe in the knowledge he can help. If Sam feels that another therapy would be better for you he will point you in the right direction.

As a Chiropractor Sam is an expert in the treatment and management of a huge variety of conditions, whether it be a back problem to an elbow problem. That said the most common conditions that Sam sees are Back pain, and Neck pain. However chiropractic is proven to be hugely effective on a large number of conditions involving anything from the knee to the elbow, have a look at what can a chiropractor treat section to find out more.

Sam has always had huge interest in the treatment of sports injuries. The knowledge he possesses comes through years of training as well as playing sport himself and working with other sports therapists. Sams background in sport means that he understands the need to get back to competing as quickly as possible, whilst at the same time looking to correct the cause of the injury and not just the injury itself. The overall aim of the treatment being to get you functioning at 100% of your body's capabilities, not just 70-80%!

Based at the Heeler Centre

Sam is currently based at THE HEELER CENTRE in HASSOCKS. This is a great clinic with a FREE CAR PARK behind and situated next to HASSOCKS RAILWAYS STATION, allowing easy access for people travelling by car, train or bus. The Clinic has recently been refurbished, providing great facilities and a relaxing atmosphere.


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